Writing Rules


Articles should be written in Microsoft Word program and the page structures should be arranged as follows:
Paper Size: A4 Portrait
Top Margin: 2.5 cm
Bottom Margin: 2.5 cm
Left Margin: 3 cm
Right Margin: 2.5 cm
Font: Times New Roman
Font Style: Normal Size (regular text): 12 Size (footnote text): 10
Paragraph Spacing: 6 pt first, then 0 pt
Line Spacing: One and a half (1.5)

After the title, the author's NAME and SURNAME should be given in Times New Roman, 10 pt, aligned to the right, Times New Roman with the * symbol to be added after the name, “Title, University name, Faculty name, City-Country, e-mail” should be written in 10 pt. The paper should have Turkish and English abstracts, not exceeding 200-300 words. There should be 5 keywords after the abstracts. Turkish and English abstracts should be Times New Roman, 10 pt. If the article has section titles, it should be 12 pt, bold, all capitalized and centered. Subheadings in the article should be 12 pt. Bold, first letters capitalized and left aligned.


Citing the book:
In footnote: Author Name Surname, Name of the book, volume number of the book (such as “Mesnevi IVI”), Publisher, Place of Publication Year of Publication, c., P.
In the bibliography:
Author's Surname, Name, Name of the Book, number of volumes of the book (such as "Mesnevi I-VI"), Publisher, Place of Publication Year of Publication.
Karaismailoğlu, Adnan, Mesnevî-i Ma'nevî I-VI, Akçağ Publications Ankara 2007.
Referring periodicals:
In footnote: Author's name and surname, “Article's name”, Journal's name, volume:…., Issue:…. (Month, year), p. (page).
Cengiz Gündoğdu, "The Metaphysics of Love in Aşık Sümmânî", Sufism Science and Academic Research Journal, 8 (18), 2007, 154.
In the bibliography: Author's surname, name, "Name of the article", Name of the journal, volume:…, number:… (month, year), which pages in the journal (ss)
Gündoğdu, Cengiz, "The Metaphysics of Love in Aşık Sümmânî", Journal of Sufism Science and Academic Research, 8 (18), 2007, 113-154.
Book Title
The title of the book should be given in italics with its shape on the title page (inner cover), without changing. If there are two separate titles, one main and one subtitle, and no sign indicating this is used, then dashes or commas should be put between them.
Ahmet Yaşar Ocak, Marginal Sufism in the Ottoman Empire: Kalenderis (XIV-XVII. Centuries), TTK Publications, Ankara 1992,
Re-Applying to the Same Source
When a source mentioned in the footnote is referenced for the first time, all information about that source is not repeated. Since this information is mentioned in the previous footnote, only the surname of the author, name of the work and page number should be specified in the second and subsequent applications. (Gündoğdu, Hacı Bektaş-ı Veli, 34.)